BRAID Winrace N Lars, 16 x 7.0, New

$ 2,499.00

Set of 4 Winrace N Lars, 16 x 7.0, New

These Winrace N Lars were custom made for a 2014-2019 Ford Fiesta ST and are currently the only set with these specs that exist. However, the original customer decided to go with a different BRAID wheel model. They arrived to the customer, although were never mounted and only taken out of the box for photographs, so all four wheels are in brand new condition with no marks or blemishes. 

MSRP for these brand new is $999 per wheel, or $3996 for the set of four, and can be viewed here on our website. 

These wheels also include optional center caps, which retail for $20 each and also can be viewed on our website here for an overall combined original value of $4076.

The bolt pattern on these wheels are 4x108 with a 63.4mm center bore and have a 38mm positive offset, making them a perfect fit for any 2014-2019 Ford Fiesta ST. 

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