Millers Oils CFS 10w50 NT Engine Oil

$ 90.00

Nanodrive Competition Fully Synthetic engine oils have been designed to offer racers, engine builders and team managers a whole range of valuable benefits: Lower friction means increased power ouput, reduced wear for improved durability, reduced frequency of engine builds, and reduced costs. Nanodrive engine oils feature an optimized blend of base stocks, including PAO and Tri-Ester, and a robust additive pack to prolong the useful life of the oil, in addition to the incorporation of nanotechnology.

• Race and highly modified engines/vehicles
• Fast street modified engines and track day use
• Robust oil for applications requiring higher viscosity

Fully Synthetic Triple Ester Nano Technology formulation. For race and rally engines, and especially suited to modified, high performance vehicles with or without turbochargers, for fast road/street modified engines and track day use.

For competition, or high performance modified engines. Suitable for all normally aspirated and turbo-charged engines 2 liters and larger.

Fully synthetic Triple Ester Nano Technology oil provides:
• Significantly reduced friction
• Reduced component wear promotes longer engine life
• Reduced heat production
• Increased power output and torque
• Improved reliability
• Improved energy efficiency
• Superior anti-friction and anti-wear characteristics

• Manufactured to far exceed the requirements of API SM/CF and ACEA A3/B4
• Ideal for most types of track usage
• Dyno proven by the Ducshop to add power over other racing synthetics
• Suitable for operating at 250°F with peak temperatures up to 300°F
• Suitable for continuous operation at 260°F with peak temperatures up to 300°F
• For fast road use or track days in engines where a 10w40 is normally specified

SAE Viscosity Grade 10w50
Specific Gravity@15°C 0.868
Kinematic Viscosity@100°C 19.8 cSt
Kinematic Viscosity@40°C 131.5 cSt
Viscosity Index 173
HTHS 4.9 cP
Pour Point °C <-25
Flashpoint °C >200
Cold Crank Viscosity@-25°C 7,000 cP Maximum
TBN 10.1