$ 8.00

Specially formulated performance oil for classic cars with 2001 and older engines. Formulated utilizing heat and shear stable polymers to maintain the optimum lubricating film and ring seal in hot running engines. Detergent / dispersant additive prevent deposits. Increased level of ZDDP (zinc +phosphorous) for extra protection.  Also suitable for regular service intervals for engines with flat tappet or high lift cams with or without roller bearings.

Application:  Engine Lubricants
Engine Type:  4-Stroke
Quality:  Mineral
Product Range:  Car
Viscosity:  20W50
API Standards:  API SG/SH/SJ
Packaging:  1qt Bottle


Motul lubricants protect your engine throughout its life-cycle in accordance with the recommendation of the manufacturers. Motul’s passenger car product range protects and takes care of your vehicle for the duration of its life cycle. From the 8100, our 100% Synthetic oil line of products, to Coolants, Brake fluids, and Transmission lubricants, Motul offers you a wide choice of products to keep your car running.