$ 43.12

Technosynthese® super high performance diesel engine oil for naturally aspirated or turbocharged engines, in line with Euro II, EURO III, EURO IV and EURO V fitted with EGR system or SCR system. Can be used as single lubricant in case of fleet composed of new & old generation engines.

Application:  Engine Lubricants
Quality:  Technossynthese
Viscosity:  15W40
ACEA Standards:  ACEA E7
API Standards:  API CI-4/CH-4
OEM Approvals:  Cummins 20071 / 20072 / 20076 / 20077 / 20078 ;
Mack EO-N ; MB-APPROVAL 228.3 ; RVI RLD-2 ; Volvo VDS-3 ;                      Caterpillar ECF-2 ; Global DHD-1 ; MAN M 3275 ; MTU TYPE II

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