Posted on Mar 09, 2016

You may remember our car used to be dark pink with a beige interior? Well beige is not a rally color in our book and as this car appears to be transitioning into some sort of rally replica/tribute we thought the door cards needed some attention. We already removed the pockets to get the doors to close with the new cage but when we did the door cards just looked so wrong.

So we did a little research and selected RENNLINE's RS inspired, black leather door cards as they are simple looking and retain all the funtionality of the originals in terms of switch gear etc. One bonus is that they replace the unusual and hard to find door latch handles with a rather nifty red pull strap.

They come complete with everything you need to complete the swap making it a very easy job.

They are a very universal kit that come with all the cutouts already made. All you do is cut out the leather from the holes you need and leave the others in place.

Removing all the dodads from the door is pretty easy

as is removing the door card itself

We discovered that our door caps were covered in brown leather from the factory but it peeled away easily to reveal patterned black plastic below. After removing a bit of old glue they looked like new.

and before we knew it; race car!

You can find full installation instructions here.