Our New Showroom. "TIMcienda" Week 5

Posted on Dec 15, 2020

FIVE WEEKS! Can't believe we've been in here five weeks now. Seems like we haven't done much but the video and pictures say otherwise. A lot of moving: We moved into the kitchen, moved the trailer over, moved the rally car and moved the last of our stuff, almost.

Though not finished yet we couldn't help ourselves and moved into the new kitchen. It still needs the walls painting but we needed the table that the kettle and microwave were on so that was an easy decision. To celebrate we made a brew.




After a brew and some Hobnobs we moved the Quattro rally car into its new build area. We had to spin it around on wheel dollies first which don't like to roll on carpet. Hence the Hobnob feast. Once on the ground again it pushed easily on its BRAID wheels. Yes, we decided this orientation works best.


Fits pretty well.



We even had enough room to expand the desk a bit.


Now we just have to find something to fill this vacant area, stay tuned ;)


Then we moved even more things. We emptied our old space (almost) and moved the trailer to its new home too. Now we just have to find somewhere to put everything. Maybe back in the trailer!



MOTUL were very generous and sent us a new display stand, a couple of floor mats and a bunch of banners, bracelets and stickers. We promptly assembled the stand and filled it full of MOTUL brake fluid, transmission fluid and engine oil and then put out the welcome mat.



Inspired by how our MOTUL display turned out we pulled out our inventory of Finish Line Factory AN fittings to figure out how best to present these. We might need more inspiration though :(



Last items of heroic activity for the week resulted in a clock, a Corbeau banner and an Allroad banner. I know, how do we do it?



Check back next week for even more amazing accomplishments.