TIM Heads to Sno*Drift

Posted on Feb 02, 2017

Last weekend was our annual pilgrimage up north to the Sno*Drift Rally. As usual we had a vendor booth and used the Carrera RX in our display and to go spectate. However, before we set off we had some winter prep to take care of. Our 911 does not get very warm in the winter, the inside does but the oil does not. We rarely see it rise above 160F so we took Tuthill's advice and replaced the Miller's 10W50 race oil with their 5W40 race oil. Tuthill runs an ice driving school in Scandinavia during the winter and swears by this stuff.

We also shielded the engine oil cooler with cardboard to retain some heat. We have found this to give us around 10-20 degress more oil temperature.

Then we were off.

No snow on the ground and temperatures in the 40s but we were assured that 4 hours north of us it would be below freezing and snowing. Good, as conditions up there had been quite warm and melted the snow pack they had built up already on the stage road turning them into ice rinks. A good snow covering would help all the competitors out. We were not too disappointed but even more snow would have been welcome.

We unloaded the car and retired to how rental house to catch up with friends. We spent the next two days camped out in our display and driving between stages enjoying the rear wheel drive traction from the Nokian R2 winter tires. At one stage we thought we would need help after parking on an ice covered steep hill but the care just pushed its self out to the amazement of all around. We even manage to recruit a new fan and future rally champion.


When we returned home we were happy to find a magazine from Norway in our mail box with a story about our car in it. Thanks BIL. Anyone speak Norwegian?