Retro Winrace anyone?

Posted on Feb 19, 2016

BRAID USA are considering commissioning a special run of the now discontinued but popular in it's day Winrace T Acropolis rally wheel

Originally available in 15x6, 15x6.5 and 15x7 the Winrace T Acropolis was renowned for it's rugged good looks, literally. It was a pressure cast wheel of great strength and a somewhat classic, retro design but a few years ago was replaced by BRAID's flowcast version, the Fullrace T Acropolis.

"There is no doubt the Fullrace T Acropolis is a better wheel than its predecessor," stated BRAID USA President Paul Eddleston "but it's a little too contemporary for some tastes and for some cars."

If BRAID USA do bring back the Winrace T Acropolis it will likely be limited to one width and one offset range. The current favorite is the 15x6.5 as it fits the popular 195 and 205 width tires. Offset ranges are either ET12 to ET34 or ET35 to ET55. The larger offset range was the more popular when this wheel was last in production but perhaps that was because Subarus utilize that. "If we want to appeal to the older vehicles then perhaps the lower offset range will be more appropriate." mused Mr. Eddleston. 

Email them at to let them know your opinion.