Our New Showroom. "TIMcienda" 2021 Edition!

Posted on Jan 05, 2021

In this week's episode we get some stuff, put up some racks, see daylight, struggle with our tire machines, start to think about the workshop, get some seats and earn a badge! But first we'd like to wish everyone a happy New Year and thanks our customers for their support during, what must be said, was a very difficult year.

A friend of ours donated some cool vintage car mags and a few Hot Wheels for the showroom this week. Thanks Dave.


 Then we received this 1:18 model we'd ordered from eBay.


 and promptly re-branded it.


 and added it to our collection


Then we turned our attention to something full scale. Tires and wheels. This made the future workshop space a bit more manageable.


 While we were putting them up we saw light at the end of the tunnel. One text to our new super landlord and he sent his chap round to seal the gap up, in the snow, in just a few hours. Our previous landlord would have taken, well, we'd still be waiting.


 Speaking of which, we still need to retrieve our tire machines from our old space. Well at least now have them on pallets.


 but we got distracted by a Corbeau seat delivery.


 some of which went on display. Come over and try some on for size.


The rest filled up our small warehouse. Please buy them to make some room LOL.


Then we got a visit from a very nice chap from the State of Michigan who, when he left, gave us this badge. Is it safe to come in? Why, yes it is :)

Next week, if things go according to plan, we will either have painted some walls, pulled up the carpet in the workshop, or both!