World Challenge Focus Says "Goodbye"

Posted on Oct 31, 2017

Sorry to have to report we sold our World Challenge Focus. We didn't mean to but someone made us a good offer at the right time so we decided to let it go. We've had it a good few years and it has done a wonderful job of looking cool in the showroom but it was never a priority for us so moving it on will ensure it lives once again. The new owner is very enthusiast about racing it in 2018 so hopefully we will get to see it in all it's glory soon. We are also hoping to link to his build thread on here too but he has to start one yet.

Final pictures:

The last thing we did to the car was get the air jacks to work. Although a little tentatively.



The new owner

Sees daylight for the first time in years.

They look so good together



Gone :(

Now we have to find something to fill the space.