BRAID's New Test Vehicle

Posted on Jul 22, 2016
 The best and sophisticated wheel research power tool

It has been recently presented at the Barcelona Circuit the new testing car for BRAID, the Spanish manufacturer specialized in developing, manufacturing and distributing high-tech wheels, from OEM Customers to motorsport purpose, which has the factory and offices located relatively close to the circuit.

It is a Ligier JS P3 specially adapted to their research, testing and dynamic developments of wheels, in addition to the regular computer aided design work and its state-of-the-art laboratory. For this purpose, this LMP3 which, let’s remember, has a V8 5000c.c engine, with full carbon body and chassis, accommodates sophisticated sets of sensors and telemetry components that allows the BRAID’s engineers to obtain valuable data in real conditions.

Currently BRAID is involved in several R&D projects, so this powerful tool will be very useful and will streamline new studies for innovative wheels and cutting-edge materials. For example, there may be something about carbon fiber wheels.
In addition, this Ligier is the first in its class equipped with an unusual second co-driver seat. This allows sharing live experiences.
Being a laboratory prototype car, it is not scheduled to participate in any official racing championship, rolling exclusively on private tests.