About Us

Welcome to Team Illuminata Motorsport; powered by proper tea and Hobnobs. We are a Euro-centric, motorsports driven parts store specializing in high quality brands. We also have incredible wheel fitment expertise with Porsches and other marques. Wheels, seats, skid plates, and other specialized parts. We only sell the brands we use. 



    Who we are:

    Like most of our customers, we are enthusiasts first, business people second. We race and participate in the automotive community just like you and don't want to waste money on the wrong parts. If we don't have what you need, we won't try to sell you something else. If we think you are buying the wrong part, we'll tell you, even if we don't sell the right part. We have a loyal following through extreme customer service. Try calling other suppliers at 8pm on a Sunday and see if they answer the phone. We'll answer the phone 24/7 unless we are driving, sleeping or both!


    Why we use the products we sell:

    We only sell parts we use or have used ourselves, from trusted brands such as BRAID, RECARO, RENNLINE, BBS, SCHEEL-MANN, MOTUL etc.. There is no brand on our site we have not thoroughly thrashed. It started when our founder was looking for parts for his Subaru, discovered BRAID wheels and Primitive skid plates and thought, "I can get my parts cheap and go to loads of races". Now he has no money and no time to go racing, but great parts to sell.


    Where we are located:

    We are in the outskirts of Detroit, The Motor City, rally central, automotive capital. Steeped in automotive and motorsport talent. Our office is in Birmingham and our showroom/shop/warehouse is in Bloomfield Hills, just a mile from the famed Woodward Avenue and M1 Concourse. We encourage you to visit, there's some pretty cool stuff to see. Please call ahead though, just in case we have gone racing or "testing".


    How long we have been in business:

    We started in 2004 selling parts at RallyCrosses, then we went online and now we have a proper online store and nice showroom.


    Who are the people on our team:

    President - Paul Eddleston, English, recovering engineer, races Autocross, Rallycross, hill climbs track days and attends many local shows, owns an 84 911 rally car, a 944 Turbo track car and two UR Quattro's (an 83 rally replica, and an 85 concours level road car). May have helped start the Detroit RallyCross program.

    Fulfillment Manager - Dick Ford, loves cars, owns a beautiful 85 911 Carrera and BMW Z3. Does track days and car shows when he's not putting things in boxes or cleaning his 911.

    Bookkeeper - Steeped in the automotive industry, managed a luxury brand dealership and European repair shop before she starting crunching our numbers.

    Marketing Director - Loves cars (see a theme here?), drifts a Nissan 350Z and a Lexus IS300 when he's not figuring out how to sell you stuff.

    Sales Assistant - Cray Dumeah, races an NB Miata and daily drives a Focus ST and is a regular sight at local Rallycrosses, Track Days and Cars & Coffee. 


    What We Drive



    Coming soon:



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