89 944 Turbo

Shake Down

Because this car is not streetable (more on that later) we were itching to drive it aggressively so we grabbed the first opportunity we could find, a local Autocross.Our first problem was getting it in the trailer. Everything else we have loaded up into it has been a rally car or stock Audi so this was going to be interesting at best. We knew we'd have to remove the front...
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Our New 944 Cup Project Car

We’ve always liked Porsche 944s and recently we’ve seen more interest in them from our customers (944 Safaris etc.) so when this one was offered to us by a friend it was hard to say “no”. It’s a 1989 Turbo (951) with about 64,000 miles on it and, surprisingly for a mid-west car, rust free. That seems very nice for one of these however, it is a full on race...
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