Our New Showroom. "TIMcienda" Week 6

Posted on Dec 29, 2020

This week we replace some windows, organize the warehouse, clean our parts washer, move a wall, paint things and add a car.

Maybe this will become a thing. Weekly pano shot anyone? This is what it looked like on Monday.


This week we replaced the windows in the garage door with 1/2" plexiglass. Some idiot had painted over the glass ones then an even bigger idiot leased the building and broke one while trying to remove the paint. Yes, it was us. So we ordered custom cut plexiglass and swapped them out. It's quite amazing how much difference these make. Let there be light!



Because last week we filled the front of the building with all the crap we brought over we got busy this week and organized some storage. We moved all the inventory from the back room shelves in to what used to be the conference room then put all our Quattro parts back there. The inventory is low right now but we are expecting a big shipment of Corbeau seats next week so it will be packed soon. This activity freed up some space up front so it's starting to feel tidy again.



We also brought our parts washer in. After five years of a buse we thought it needed a clean. We wish we had a big parts washer that we could wash our parts washer in!


The only things left without a home now were our seasonal wheels and tires and workshop equipment. We are still not ready to set up the workshop yet but we think we know where it is going to be now: in the far corner opposite the garage door. The current problem is this space is currently defined by a high free standing wall and everything would not fit behind it. No problem. One of the advantages of a carpeted space is that, with enough carpet sliders, you can move anything, even a bloody great wall! We slid it about six feet. It was a huge effort regardless and we wish we'd recording time-lapse video but alas, we forgot. Still, pictures:



With the front of the house now looking respectable we brought in our road 911 to finish off the showroom. We now have a road and a rally 911 along with a road and a rally Audi Quattro on display as well as the exact same thing in 1:18 diecast! All with BRAID wheels of course (well, maybe not the diecast).



Wait, there's more! We painted the kitchen and bathroom too! TIM Gray. Yes, it's a thing.



Now it's time for a brew while we look for something else to paint, but in the meantime here's a pano from just now.