Our New Building. "TIMcienda" Week 3

Posted on Dec 03, 2020

Another busy week developing the new showroom. We brought a lot more stuff in and made some decisions about how we are going to use the space.

Job one this week was to put all those shelves somewhere. The obvious place was the back storage room. They seem to belong there and are out of sight but it may be just a temporary home for now.

This created some space

so we brought more stuff over.

Mostly parts associated with the Quattro rally car build so we committed to a space to build that and filled it with boxes. We also brought over most of our BRAID wheels inventory and found a (perhaps temporary) home for that too.

Our storage units are almost completely empty now, though we do still have the tire machines at another building. Not sure where they are going to go yet.


We got the kitchen sink plumbed in too. Next we'll paint the walls and maybe the cabinets. Put the fridge in and have a nice cup of tea.


And just today we did our first bit of painting. There's no room for pumpkin spice walls in our showroom. No, BRAID blue is much more appropriate.

 We may have to supplement this with some red and yellow accents later.

And lastly, with cold weather and snow on the way, we replaced the door seals around the overhead door. We should be a snug as a bug now.