Early May TIMcienda Showroom / Workshop Update

Posted on May 11, 2021

Sorry we haven't updated you lately. Not a ton of stuff going on with the new building mostly because its not new anymore. Can't believe we've been here six months already. 


When we left you our Quattro rally build had just left to get an exhaust built. Well it's back but it's not in it's build room yet. It's spending some time in the workshop while we subject it to some welding and grinding projects. here's a sneak peak at the exhaust and some of the welding we've done.  Can you guess what it is?



Then everything we need to finish the project showed up.


 Organized some cabinets. Really liking the spinny ones the previous tenant left.


Got the welder a cart so it will be happy.


Tidied up the bench a bit and bought it a stool so it won't be lonely. Yep, some of the stuff went into the cabinets!


One of our staff bought a Cayman so we couldn't resist that photo op.


We finally got our Finish Line Factory AN fittings displayed on the grid wall. Till now they've been in a box under the table!


Our MOTUL has been popular lately but we still have plenty, especially the brake fluids.


We even had an impromptu car meet over the weekend. Well, it was such a nice day.


Finally got some better brackets for the 911's fog lights. The previous version put the lights too low.


Finally found the finishing touches for the kitchen. Teas too wet with Hobnobs!


Check back later when we may finally have a handle on things.