"TIMcienda" Workshop Update: We're floored!

Posted on Feb 09, 2021



As we mentioned in the last update job #1 with the workshop was removing the carpet from that area. YouTube was very helpful in suggesting how this should be done and we even bought special tools for the job. A carpet cutter and a carpet puller. If only we had such professional tools for our car projects! Check out the video to see these in action.


It turned out one of the reasons the carpet came up so easily was that the glue used had a lot more affinity for the concrete than the carpet. Not to fear, YouTube to the rescue! "Buy some Formula 626" (no, it's not made by Mazda)  it said "and a scraper, and before you know it all the glue will be off the floor and in the trash" Well, no; it wont. It will be on the floor and either a gooey mess or still hard as nails, maybe slightly softened. Key point here is "still on the floor". Good job we only wasted a gallon of the stuff on 100 square feet of the entrance.


Looks like the only way forward is to rent a grinder or just hire an epoxy floor company and go full pro YouTuber on it. This was quite disappointing as the little bit of concrete we can see where some glue came up looks quite useable. It would be nice to get the glue off and be left with this. It matches the beige carpet too!


One part of the workshop that wasn't coated in diamond hard glue was a small cement ramp we discovered adjacent to what was a door between ours and the adjacent unit. The grades must be about 2" different. At least that came up easily and didn't leave too much of a mess on the underlying concrete.


We also discovered a drain in the floor which, if actually draining, might be quite useful.


So check back in soon to see what we decide to do about the floor.