Group B Rally Car Show

Posted on Jul 22, 2016

 Ever wanted to see a Lancia 037 or Delta S4 in person?

How about a Lancia Stratos or a Rothmans Escort?

Did you ever think you might actually hear a Group B Audi Quattro drive by?

Well next weekend you can, if you are in Plymouth, Michigan that is. July 29-31 sees the running of the 39th Concours d'Elegance of America and it has a rally car class. That's right, Group B and other rally monsters will be on display on the main field and judged as part of the competition. Not only that there will be a cadre of other actual and replica rally cars running around and participating in peripheral events all weekend long including our very own Porsche 911. Other treats include a few Audi Quattros, a genuine Prodrive Impreza, afore mentioned Lancias, a Rothmans Escort and much more.

This will likely be the largest gathering of Group B rally legends in the US since the 1986 round of the World Rally Championship in Washington. Don't miss it. It may never happen again.

Activities kick off Friday evening with the Battle of The Brands car show at the Inn of Saint Johns then a cars and Coffee Saturday morning also at the Inn. The main Concours and other displays take place Sunday again at the Inn of Saint Johns.


See you there.