TIMcienda Update: New Help, Decorating the Walls & More

Posted on Mar 17, 2021

We moved a lot of things forward this week in the new showroom. We hired some help but he proved useless as he just sits around doing nothing.

We worked on our first car in the fleet though. Our Impreza was in desperate need of an oil change. As the floor is still covered in carpet glue we thought it best to put down a tarp.

 It's still technically winter here and we've had quite a bit of snow. We are  hoping we don't have a fire while it's snowing though!

We put up a bit of helpful signage around the place.


We had our electrician come over and install feeds for the compressor, tire machines and battery tenders on a post adjacent to the cars. With the compressor and power installed we got busy mounting summer tires despite the snow. Might be a bit early in hindsight.


Mirror, mirror on the wall. Yes!, don't mind if we do!

BRAID sent us another batch of wheels so we wasted no time turning them around and shipping them out. Maybe you got some?

We finally got some artwork up on the walls. This is our favorite one of our 911.

Now we're on a roll we hope to get the workshop fully up a running next with the addition of a welder and a lift. Maybe we'll even take everything out of the boxes and put it in the cupboards!

And don't forget, you can order online and pick up from our showroom.