Week 8 of the "TIMcienda" Showroom Build

Posted on Jan 12, 2021

This week we moved our tire machines in, added a shelf, painted the entrance walls, scored some extension cord covers and dried some tents!

We are finally completely out of our old space as we moved our tire machines from the old space into the new building this week. You can't imagine how good it feels to never have to go back there again. It was a bit of a challenge as we had no help due to the virus situation and they weigh around $500lbs each! We got a quote from movers for $180 but they declined the job when they realized what they were dealing with. An industrial equipment moving firm wanted $750 so we applied some physics, a pallet jack and our car trailer and did it ourselves. 


With that accomplished, and after a celebratory slap-up tea and Hobnobs binge, we got creative and turned our attention to the walls either side of the front door. We wanted to do something with our TIM and BRAID colors but we'd already painted two large walls BRAID blue. The obvious thing to do was to paint these walls two other TIM colors but then we saw a cycling jersey from a team Greg LeMond used to ride for and we knew what we had to do.


 Then all the tape fell off


Lesson learned; use proper tape.


and finished!


Now we are looking for a vintage LOOK bike!

Then we went on Menards' website and scored a new shelf for the utility room and these snazzy TIM Yellow extension cord covers for the car's battery tenders. Not only are they an exact color match they were on sale too! 


One addition to the space this week is our two pop-up tents. They're not here to stay but needed drying after a socially distanced outdoor event over the holidays. Think they should stay. Check back next week to find out.