"TIMcienda" Week 10 Update: Progress is Progress

Posted on Feb 16, 2021

These past couple of weeks has been a hodge-podge of, small, seemingly insignificant, events that, in total, still amount to progress, so we'll take them.

In the kitchen and bathroom we scored a drainer for our prodigious amount of dirty team mugs and a small screen for the drain in the bathroom where we keep dropping things and losing them. We also found some door handles we like for the draws and cupboards so we can more easily access our Yorkshire Tea bags and Hobnob stash.


We added some tools and equipment to our arsenal too. A metal bender attachment for our bearing press and a shop vac.


We also made, or better, repurposed something. We took the wooden table our Quattro used to reside on, flipped it on its side, added some casters and made a shelving unit out of it for the warehouse. Better still, the shelves are solid maple and were salvaged from the partition walls we tore down. It may go back to being a Quattro table again when the shell goes away for painting but it is easily reversed.


Speaking of Quattro rally, cars we also tidied up the build area for that too by adding a wall to our desk and hiding all the parts boxes behind it.



And one last little victory, after five years of ownership we finally got our reprint of an article about our 911 on a wall. Can't believe it took us so long. It's right next to the car too.


One last thing before we go. Don't forget, you can order MOTUL, Corbeau Seats and Finish Line Factory AN plumbing online and pick up from our store, either inside or curbside.