Our New Building. "TIMcienda" Week 2

Posted on Nov 27, 2020

Big week this week. A lot of activity. Moved the showroom along nicely and started to think about warehouse and workshop layout. Here's the video. More detailed words and pictures below.

The big development is that we got our 85 Quattro into the showroom and gave it the premium spot by the front entrance. This car is undergoing a (slow) engine rebuild and has been away at a shop for six months. They needed the space and we wanted the car. Engine is still at a machine shop for a while though.


We pulled most of the BRAID display wheels out of storage and filled the display shelves this week. We settled on putting one either side of the door, double stacked and three just beyond the Quattro in the main area of the showroom. We will probably adjust the arrangement a bit but it's 90% there.



Our new kitchen has come a long way this week in that we bought one!

and installed the cabinets and counter top.

We have to get the plumber back next to install the sink and connect it up then we can put the kettle on for tea and Hobnobs.



Another milestone: we processed our first BRAID wheels shipment through the new building this week! It was a bit of a challenge but we got them all in and turned around in just a few days. 

This was also a good excuse to buy a new hand cart. Michigan made too!



Good job we got those wheels turned around as we brought a ton of stuff over from storage at the end of the week. So much that it was worth all the extra effort to maneuver the trailer door to open through the garage door. It had to be perfectly straight and only had a couple of inches to spare on each side but it was worth it. Plus, we like a challenge.

Some of the shelves didn't fair too well:

 But we got them all in, filling up most of the available space.


We also go our new sofa, populated the diecast shelf some more, located the desk and brought the tool boxes over.


Next week should be even more productive so check back for the latest news.