New Building. Our "TIMcienda"

Posted on Nov 21, 2020

We finally got a new building. No more storage units :)

2800 square feet in a great location. It's in a nice industrial park in Bloomfield Hills: One mile from Woodward Avenue. One mile from M1 Concourse, One mile from High Octane Cafe. Could not be happier.


This is what it looks like inside. The double doors and single door to the next unit will be blocked off and the wall separating the main space from the overhead door storage will be removed.  


The space was being used primarily as offices so is actually all carpeted. We will need to figure out where to put the workshop and what to do about floor surface in that area but a carpeted showroom is a bonus. Can't wait to move in and make it ours.

As nice as it is we still have a few things to fix and improve. Get rid or relocate the cubicle walls, build a kitchen, fix the walls and figure out where to put a showroom, a workshop and a warehouse. But first a cup tean and a Hobnob.


Here's a quick walk through video: