Our New Building. "TIMcienda" Week 1

Posted on Nov 21, 2020

As you can imagine, a lot of activity this week as we started to move out of our storage units and into our new showroom.

As the space will be used primarily as a showroom we plan to establish that first. Then we'll figure out were to store inventory, parts and other stuff and whatever space is left will be the workshop. Lets see how that goes.

Here is a walk through video. More pictures and comments below.


First priority: get rid of the four cubicles so we can get cars and other stuff in the building. We've never dealt with cubicles before and we soon realized why the previous tenants were so happy to leave them for us. They are heavy and how they come apart is a complete mystery. To make things even more complicated these had electricity and phone cables running through them! The breakthrough came when we found out we could remove the caps off the panels. This revealed little brackets and screws holding them together but more importantly, a manufacturer's label. We googled that and soon found instructions etc. so then we could start to separate each panel from its neighbor both mechanically and electrically.



This process also resulted in a bonus desk. We just have to find somewhere to put it.


We also snagged a few very important additions to the space from eBay. A sink and a Nespresso. Because you can't sell European wheels without an espresso machine.


We also brought in a couple of cars, assembled our wheel display cubes and found a table top on Facebook. Now we can sit down and have a proper brew. Starting to come together!