BRAID Wheel Shipment

Posted on Apr 07, 2017

We recently received a wheel shipment from BRAID and thought we'd share some of the more unusual and interesting wheels with you:


Now available as a no-cost option we've never seen this popular gravel rally wheel in this color before though it's always been available. We think it just looks so purposeful we had to share it. The Fullrace T Acropolis is our strongest gravel rally wheel and is available in 15x6.5 and 15x7 for almost any car. You can find out more about them here.




This rather special set of wheels is from BRAID's competition three piece range and are called Serie 6 on account of their not six spokes. Go figure. These are destined for our 83 Quattro Rally car but we have also noted they will fit on our Allroad ;)

They are 16x9 at et12 with hidden screws. Another interesting feature is that they are reverse mount which means they have to go on the tire machine upside down!



This unusual wheel is designed specifically for rally raid trucks/SUVs and dessert racing though we sell many of these for use on the dunes or for overland expedition vehicles. This particular wheel for a customer in Venezuela is 16x8 wth BRAiD's "Beadlock B" system as a option. Again ithis one is flat black which seems to be coming more popular lately, but can be ordered any color like most BRAID wheels. These are available for almost any truck or SUV in widths from 4" to 10" wide. You can learn more about them here.



We now have a few of these unique wheels running successfully in the USA and here's another one in gloss black. In case you forgot, as far as we know, the 16x7 Fullrace A is the only 16" wheel capable of fitting over the big BREMBO brakes of the Subaru STI. This means you can run 16" rally tires or all terrain tires without having to down-size your brakes, saving you thousands of dollars. This is perfect for RallyCross but next month we will have a team running them at the Southern Ohio Forest Rally. Even though the Fullrace A range is designed for tarmac rally the 16x7 size is particularly beefy and even weighs more than the 16x8 so we are hoping it stays together during this event. Stay tuned to see how that works out.