TIM News - Round The Workshop

Posted on Aug 17, 2018

None of our project cars have progressed much lately, mainly due to being busy fulfilling orders but also because we have been picking away at some of the less glamorous tasks and vehicles we have. Therefore we thought we'd give you a quick run down of what we've been up to in the workshop.


85 UR Quattro

With the Quattro running somewhat adequately after it's Concours prep we decided to leave it alone and drive it for a few weeks or maybe even the rest of the season. With that in mind we put its BRAID wheels back on, fueled it up then took it to cars and coffee at Lingenfelter Performance and then on Wednesday took it on on Woodward Avenue to witness some of the pre-Dream Cruise shenanigans. We also met up with the DirtFish truck on its way across country.



We have sort of been neglecting our old work horse of late. Yes it gets all the required maintenance but the list of small, niggling issues has been growing. Time to tackle a few of them and get that list down to size. 

First we ordered new front struts and then some parts to fix the handbrake. This is the adjuster and splitter mechanism.


Next we disassembled and lubed the airflow dial in the HVAC panel. Was getting really hard to turn after 288,00 miles.



and then added a muffler to our, up till now, straight piped exhaust.



Our latest Allroad got some love too. It received a roof rack, some stickers and a spare wheel and tire:


Hopefully next week we'll have some project updates but if we don't you can see it's not because we're being lazy.