Show Me the 911.

Posted on May 11, 2016
Spring is finally here and it appears our little 911 has decided what it's new role in life will be: as a show car!. I know, I know, they should be driven and it's a race car but to be honest sales are keeping us busy and it is over 30 years old now. Perhaps retirement is appropriate. Having said that we do have two defenses to mount: one, it keeps getting invited to shows and two, we have entered the next Detroit Region RallyCross so it's not all show and no go.

So what prompted this you may ask? Well we did rather enjoy showing the car off at last year's Northern Worthersee show in Frankenmuth, you may recall it won best Porsche or something. And the UR quattro of our friend Tim Maskus also won Best Of Show so these cars are very popular and get a lot of exposure.

11899765_10153160145150773_3751792130510941922_n by Team Illuminata Motorsport, on Flickr

The car is also very popular at local car and coffee gatherings as you can imagine.

image by Team Illuminata Motorsport, on Flickr

11069309_10205210970846134_5786907419007244818_n by Team Illuminata Motorsport, on Flickr

Which may have contributed it being invited to this year's Eyes On Design show. which is a HUGE honor.

Eyes On Design by Team Illuminata Motorsport, on Flickr

So then we thought it would be good exposure to once again attend the Motorstadt show in June but this time as a vendor, again with the car of course. This one is a similar crowd as Wurthersee and they have always appreciated the older German stuff.

But then we also got invited to The Concours d'Elegance of America along with a bunch of other rally oriented cars. It can't get any better.

13151443_1180457198666449_2627125366945133411_n by Team Illuminata Motorsport, on Flickr

However, despite all this attention we are not detailing the car. It's still a race car after all.