2021 Rally 911 Update

Posted on Aug 30, 2021
Hey, it’s nearly 12 months since our last update. Lets’ see what’s happened with the 911 rally car.

Well, big news, it got a new home. We moved into our new building last Fall. It’s got carpet!

Here’s a pano/overview with all its roommates:

You can see the whole album here, if you really do have no life: https://flic.kr/s/aHsmRa8Boy

We spent most of last winter fixing up the new showroom but come spring we started the usual round of cars and coffee type events where the car, as always, was warmly received, despite winter lingering.

We even got invited to an event at the Automotive Hall of Fame in Dearborn. Look, no snow!.

We did do some work on the car though. We raised the fog light brackets for one thing. We really like the look of the car with these on but our original brackets were too low so we made some new ones and tidied up the wiring a bit.

Inspired by our success with fog lights we bit the bullet and ordered up a set of Rennline’s LED replacement headlights.

We’ve decided to paint the bezels satin black as matching the white has proven difficult in the past. We like the contrast.

Staying in tune with our electrical theme we installed a new horn. You’ll never guess what tune it plays.

Just this past week was the Woodward Dream Cruise which takes place a mile from our new showroom. We took that opportunity to try two new things. First we inaugurated the Woodward Rally Cruise (WRC) over three days where we gathered as many rally cars together as we could and went cruising together.

And over the weekend we attended the first annual Woodward Dream Show at the M1 Concourse consisting of a track day and car show with the some of the region’s top cars and builders. We even won an award and it wasn’t for Most Lights!

So what’s next for the car? Well, we are once again entered for the Empire Hill Climb which looks like it might actually happen this year and next week we are gathering some more old rally cars together and attending the Northern Worthersee show in Frankenmuth. Should be good times.