911 Carrera RX Mods and Outings

Posted on May 25, 2017

It's been nearly two months since our last update so no wonder those upstart safari cars thought they could sneak in. OK, back to our car.

In April the car was invited to the motoring club car show at Oakland University and displayed next to the FSAE car we sponsor.

During April and early May, as time permitted we did a few minor mods:

We replaced the cone seat steel lug inserts with ball seat so all our Porsche wheels can now use the same lug nuts.

and then some hood pins, front only for now. Rear looks more involved.

and finally a period rally computer.

Last week we dragged it down to Ohio to display it and spectate at the Southern Ohio Forest Rally

We still want to drop the engine soon and refurbish the intake tract but first we need to get our 85 quattro running right so it can take over the Carrera RX's duties. Bloody CIS injection woes!