911 Updates & 2022 Plans

Posted on Apr 14, 2022
OMG, Can’t believe it’s been 5 months since we did a 911 rally car update. I guess that will happen when it’s freezing cold outside.

After our adventures at the American Speed Festival in October the car sat for a while in the showroom. We did try to take it out a couple of weeks later but a fuel line decided to take a leak so we parked it most of the winter. We finally got around to fixing it at the beginning of February during a warm spell as we thought spring was upon us. Yes, we can be pretty naïve sometimes. The leak was at the front of the engine, near the bulkhead and, after struggling a little to remove the offending line we realized it was a much earlier repair that had failed.

Fortunately we had some braided fuel line in stock so it was an easy repair once it was out of the car.

Once assured it was not leaking anymore we dashed off to the local gas station to fill the tank with ethanol free recreation gas, our preferred fuel for storage. Needless to say the car got some stares which is always a pleasant surprise in the winter.

However, a few weeks later we were taking it all out again!

See, the car got invited to Autorama by the Eurotics car club. This is a fairly prestigious hotrod show in downtown Detroit’s convention center and one of the venues’s rules was for no more than 1/8 tank of gas in the car. There were quite a few other little rules we had to adhere to as well, none of which were in and SCCA rule book, as you can imagine. We had a set time to install the car on Thursday night so we trailerd the car down and set it up in its space.

The rules stipulated a 10” x 20” floor covering and some sort of barrier around the display so we got creative:

Unfortunately the show took place during a particularly busy period for sales so we basically dropped of the car on Thursday and picked it up Sunday night. It did get on TV though.

Driving out through the gathered crowd was fun though and we did get to drive the car home, after replacing the gas of course.

What’s next for the car. Well on April 23rd we are hosting a Woodward Rally Cars (WRC) and in June the car is scheduled to be zero car at a tarmac rally in Kentucky! That should be interesting.