It's Been a Long Time - 911 Rallycross Update

Posted on May 12, 2020

As this project is basically finish we haven’t posted any updates for quite a while. However there has been some activity over the past months so here’s a brief overview.

We installed an intercom after borrowing one for that TSD rally.

While we were in there we installed these harness retainers on the roll bar.

Last July we did a photoshoot in Detroit with a local photographer who’s trying to get more work in automotive.

In August we received our new BRAID BST classic wheels. They look just like the ones used in period on the Prodrive cars.

Also in August we took the car to the famous Woodward Dream Cruise where it received a lot of attention.

Later in the year we once again used the car as lead car at the Empire Hillclimb.

A new event for Detroit was RADWOOD towards the end of September. We took the 911 along with both Quattros.

We even managed to squeeze in a rallycross last year too.

But then it was cyclo cross season.

One last outing in October at the local Porsche-Audi dealership. It was freezing!

In January we were forced to close our showroom/workshop and move everything into storage till we find a new home. No, of course, this won’t happen until this pandemic is over.

Hope we get chance to do some great things with the car in 2020.

Stay safe.