NOWO 911

Posted on Aug 29, 2016

More non-action action for our All Show and All Go Carrera RX this weekend as we took the car along with the dog and pony show to the Northernworthersee (NOWO) show in Frankenmuth. An apt setting as it is a German themed town and home to one of the largest Christmas stores in the world.

On the way up we had some fun racing our RALIVAN.



Drag race video!


Here we are setup.

The event was well attended, mostly by lowered Golf's Jettas and Audis but we did manage third in the Porsche class. Unfortunately festivities were cut short by the weather so we had our Flint Water Crises on the way home while going through Flint.

Enthused by our jaunt to pseudo Germany we are inspired to take the car to Canada next weekend, the real Canada though.