Our 911 Goes to 2021 Empire Hill Climb

Posted on Oct 23, 2021
We’ve sponsored this event and used the 911 as a course car since it was revived about six years ago. We’ve since fell in love with it, the town of Empire that hosts it and the people that put it on, compete in it, volunteer to work and spectate. They’ve become like a family. So in 2022 we decided to take the big step and actually run the race! Well that didn’t work out as it was cancelled due to COVID but this year we managed to secure a spot. Of course we also took the dog and pony show up there as we forked over a fair sum in sponsorship money.

Though it threatened rain the evening before that didn’t materialize and Saturday was perfect. Nice and sunny with temperatures in the 70s.We were a little nervous as this was our first “Nomex” event. By that we mean we had never done anything with the care that required this degree of safety gear. The car was basically legal and just needed the typical prepping and an alignment at Munk’s, but we needed the aforementioned Nomex race suit, socks and gloves, a Hans device and arm restraints in addition to our usual helmet and lack of speed. Our goal was never to win but to “have fun and try not to suck”, as is friend’s motto. Well we managed that finishing 10th of 13 in our class. OK, we may have sucked a little but we did have lots of fun. A better, less sucky result was 6th out of 7 in the Vintage class. We were only about 3-4 seconds off the pace which, unfortunately, means we have to up our speed by about 15%!

RESULTS,(if you’re interested)