Summer 2022 911 Update

Posted on Jul 15, 2022
Since displaying the car at Autorama last April we haven’t done much with it or to it this Spring except for a few mods and fixes and taking pictures of it in various parking lots parked next to various interesting cars.

Of course, we changed the oil as it hadn’t been done for 12 months which probably equates to about 1000 miles. This seemed to precipitate a new or perhaps increased oil leak from some place yet to be determined. There has always been an oil stain on the underside of the engine around the area of the oil cooler that was never really wet. Now it’s wet. It’s not serious enough that we need to find the source and fix it immediately but is serious enough that we need to place a piece of cardboard under the car when we park it in the showroom.

As the car is scheduled to be used as zero car in an upcoming tarmac rally in Kentucky, we bought some Terratrip headsets as we will have an experienced codriver in the car. They worked great but we soon realized the intercom needed to be moved so we could reach it while strapped in.

We also replaced the faded TIM decal on the frunk as we were installing the livery on the new RALIVAN at the time. Looks a lot better.

We then adjusted the heater fan cable as it was beginning to not give us full blast all the time. This required some creating mechanicing:

We then tried to replace the upper steering column bushing with a sleeve designed to be retrofitted but found someone, probably us, had installed one already! We backed out of there and will address it later. Not before we did this though.: Double fail!

In between these fixes and tweeks the car got a younger sibling:

A 2005 Cayenne S that we will be doing some interesting things with. You can read about it here:

Meanwhile we took the car to various events including a couple of Woodward Rally Car (WRC) meets at our building. Yes, the car has reached a new low in that it only drives a few yards to cars and coffee events now.

At least the events at M1 Concourse we took it to are a mile away!

On a lighter note, and for no particular reason we did capture this moment of creative branding:

Not very exciting stuff but we hope to change that by the next update so stay tuned.