Summer In The Car Parks

Posted on Oct 05, 2023

Summer has just flown by this year. They seem to go by faster and faster. Looking through our Flickr album it seems we spent this one taking pictures of the car parked next to other cars, some of which were ours. I’m sure we did more than that though.

Here’s one next to an 85 Carrera, with BRAID wheels, of course. 

Here’s one parked next to a Ford RS200 replica, again, with BRAID wheels.

our Cayenne “Timsyberia” TSD rally car

our Mercedes Sprinter “RALIVAN”.

and an actual 911 Dakar! Unfortunately, not with BRAID wheels.

But surely that’s not all we did this summer. Well, to celebrate Porsche’s 75th birthday we got all our Porsches together for a group hug. Yes, they all have BRAID wheels.

We also took the car to three pretty significant events but more on those later.

The Big Three - No, not the Detroit car makers; events we went to:

DeutscheMarques at the Gillmore Car Museum, the largest all-German car show in America! 

#properwheels and #properboots

Woodward Rally Cruise (WRC) Part of the largest free car event in the world: The Woodward Dream Cruise (Google it)!

And just a couple weekends ago at the Empire Hill Climb

Hopefully this is not all for our plucky 911 this year.