Incremental progress on the 85 UR Quattro

Posted on Mar 18, 2016

It's been over a month since I updated this thread so, even though not much has happened I will document it anyway. Actually, looking at my Flickr album there's been quite a lot of little incremental progress :)

First off I received a new and spare bushing from Germany and wasted no time pressing the last one home. You just have to make sure it is being pressed true then squeeze with confidence, after first lubing the sh*t out of it.

Then I replace the front strut bellows which arrived the same day as the bushings. Incidentally these are for a Porsche 944! Same part though.

More bloody squeezing. GGRRR

Then I installed the turbo, manifold and down pipe.

Need to find a suitable hanger for here.

This stainless steel beauty from Vibrant should do the trick.

Next job is to attach the subframe then it's ready to go back in the engine bay. However, the engine bay is not yet ready to accept it as I still need to reinstall the steering rack and refurbish the CIS system. I may reuse the existing hydraulic lines as my supplier's are not in production yet and I want to be driving this in April.