Inching closer with the 85 quattro

Posted on Mar 26, 2016

I went through my parts bin to see what still needs to bolt on the engine before it goes back in the car. I was worried I might miss something and I was right. Found this heat shield

and a temperature sensor that goes in the back of the refurbished head but this plug won't come out and I'm afraid of rounding out the Allen socket. Worst case I have to drill it out and retap it but then the head would have to come off!

Tried this to no avail

So resorted the the impact gun which thankfully worked. I forget how effective they can be.

Then I celebrated by reinstalling the subframe.


Bought some inspiration over the weekend.


image by Team Illuminata Motorsport, on Flickr


It inspired me to go on a spending spree. Ordered air box grommets/mounts and filter.

Oil can gasket

Bomb mounts

Trans oil

and about $300 worth of vacuum hose, clips and copper washers!

As I can now see light at the end of the tunnel I also turned the engine round on the hoist so it's ready to go in. A little optimistic perhaps?