85 Quattro. It's a bomb!

Posted on Jun 11, 2016

Waiting for parts (drums fingers on desk)

Decided to find some things we will need to do before the car is ready to fire up. Getting ahead so to speak. The hydraulic "bomb" mounts need replacing as the leaking oil has softened them up and they have started to split. Fortunately we bought some new ones a while back. A good time to replace them.

Fortunately the nuts weren't too rusty and didn't put up a fight. Sometimes leaky hydraulics has benefits.

Uh oh! this must have happened in storage DOH. Let's hope they bend back without breaking off. Perhaps we should order a new one anyway.

Old vs. new. A couple are still serviceable. We'll keep them for spares.

And back together.

And on the engine. Yes, it surprised us too. Well, we had to put it somewhere and the dodgy spade terminals we bent back into place will be safer here than back in the parts box. It shouldn't hinder engine installation and one more thing done :)