2022 Update Part 1

Posted on Jan 19, 2023
We’ve had fun sharing our Quattro, with its newly rebuilt engine with people all summer and fall but it’s not been all plain sailing. Read on…

One duty we didn’t expect to put the car through was as a grocery getter but, as needs must sometimes we loaded it up with supplies for a function at our showroom and even sent it to FedEx Store to pickup some printing. We don’t think it minded too much.

Of course we continued to take it to local car meets where it is always popular. We seem to like parking it next to it’s younger siblings, or are they more like offspring?

We even took an opportunity to photograph it outside our local Audi dealership when they weren’t looking.

Perhaps the highlight of the year for it was The Woodward Dream Cruise week and its involvement with the associated Woodward Rally Cars club events.