85 quattro. Give me a brake (line)

Posted on Jun 15, 2016

Another update in less than a week. You guys must be feeling rather special now eh?

Just trying to find things to do while those damn heat shields arrive from Germany. Rummaged through the parts bins and found the old front brake lines that need replacing. Couldn't find any OE so decided to make these Centric ones look like OE by transferring the rubber rings over. What do they do anyway?

We actually had some we pulled off the 83 car. That one's getting stainless lines so we just cut the old ones which made getting these off quite simple.

However, getting them on the new lines was not so easy as they didn't want to expand over the fittings. Never mind, nothing a utility knife and some glue can't handle.

Wheel leave them to cure for a while eh.

We only need one holder ring so we cut one off. We decided to use the Centric one as our original ones are already falling apart.

Oh, is that the DHL truck?