85 Quattro Under the Knife, Again!

Posted on Mar 17, 2017
Uh oh! Car is on the lift again! Hopefully not for two years this time.

The plan is to drop the diff and reseal it. Three main seals to replace and I think they are all leaking to some extent.

My first plan was to undo the axle and drive shaft bolts, undo the diff mounts and then, hopefully wrangle the diff out. All the axle and drive shaft bolts came out easily but, however, it looks like the axles don't have enough axial free play to release and the subframe bushings have seen better days so new plan is to remove the diff with the subframe. Still have to separate the axles and drive shaft first though. Probably going to remove the track rods and lower control arms at the subframe and leave the struts hanging.

Must remember to disconnect the diff actuator though.

So, how hard could it be?