85 UR Quattro Rear Diff Tear Down-ish

Posted on Mar 29, 2017

We started to dismantle the diff and subframe. Dismantle might be too strong a word and we are just replacing bushings and seals, but it is an old Audi.

Drive shaft and both axle flanges are out.

This is the big seal on the left. No longer available but 034 Motorsport had some made. Phew!

Will need to replace this as it broke off the diff lock actuator shaft.

Will be replacing the diff lock actuator too of course. Already have a new one of those. The rear mount has seen better days. It will have to go. Have a couple of these in the parts bin though :)

and the left tie rod boot is split so this will have to be replaced too. Fortunately still available as a complete unit.

And, of course, new subframe bushings from Germany! So here we are, waiting for parts, again.

Paul Eddleston-BRAIDusa & Team Illuminata