An Update On Our 1985 Audi URQ

Posted on Jun 23, 2020
One of the backfire’s we mentioned in a previous post must have been so severe it blew a hole in the exhaust system! This was already hacked up by a previous owner who removed the silence and clad the baffled inner pipe but left the rear box end on as a pipe hanger. Temporary fix.

The original floor mats started to dissolve! Apparantly this happens after 35 years. New replacements were sourced from Germany.

We were visited by the Dirtfish tractor trailer on their way back from the east coast. Photo op!

Could resist this.

DIY Auto invited us to the Woodward Drean Cruise press launch

We just had to try our BRAID SERIE 4 wheels off the rally Quattro. 15x10 et0 with 265 Michelin TB5 tires. I think we understand why the Group B cars had wide bodies.

Of course the obvious nex thing to do was try the gravel rally setup from the rally car. They fit better but are still quite a bit taller than stock.

Our 034 Motorsport shift link bushing are so accurate a replic of the factory units that they too dislove after 5 years. The day before a car show of course. Fortunately we had another on the rally Quattro that wasn’y exactly need right now. We’ll have to come up with a better solution for that car, and this one in five years time.

RADWOOD came to Detroit in September so we dragged three cars there and the dog and pony show.

The last outing of 2019 was a cars and coffee at AUDI ROCHESTER. Man it was cold.

After the cars and coffee took thae car to our Quattro guru Phil to get it running right. Unfortunately a leak down test suggested cylinder 4 had some issues. Engine out for a bottom end rebuild!