It's Back!

Posted on Jun 30, 2022
Sorry it’s been so long since we updated this project but, thanks mostly to COVID, there was nothing much to update.

Last time we talked was back in June of 2020 when we’d just decided to rebuild the bottom end of the engine. Phil, our URQ guru stripped it down while we shopped around for an engine shop that could and would do the work. The first place we took it did not give me the warm and fuzzies so, after a couple of weeks of unreturned phone calls we scurried back there and retrieved the block and crank.

Then the search was on for another shop and we were referred to Automotive Machine in Fraser, Michigan. When we deposited the block on their counter the owner said “Is that out of a Quattro? I love those things” and we knew we had come to the right place.

Unfortunately COVID slowed engine work right down and finding parts took forever too. We had closed down our building and moved everything into storage so spent a lot of time working from home. We busied ourselves recreating pictures in 1:18 scale models and the continuous search for elusive Quattro engine parts.

We needed to search for second oversize pistons and rings and 2nd undersized crank bearings. We finally found a set of pistons in Germany but when we opened the box were surprised to find that the rings had “Made in Hastings, Michigan” on the box”!

Meanwhile the months were ticking by and come November we had a new building. We dragged the car, sans engine, back from Phil’s and gave it pride of place in the new showroom.

Yes folks; that’s carpet! Posh us now.

As the car would soon be back to fully running condition (yeah, right) we took the opportunity to replace the tires. It had 3 year old Toyo RA1s on it but we were never quite happy with the size of 225/50-15 and thought they would be much happier on the rear of the 911. Plus, Pirelli had just reintroduced their period correct P7000 tires in the correct 215/50-15 size so it was a no brainer. They just had to come from England, that’s all. Worth it though.

Now the race was on the get the car done before they aged out. Yes, we thought we were joking too!

Slowly, bit by bit, parts started showing up

Until, finally, in June 2021 we picked up the finished block and crank!

We hurried them over to Phil’s so he could start the reassembly process.

However, it wasn’t till next April that we got the call that the engine was fully assembled and Phil needed the car. We couldn’t get it over there quick enough.

Over the next few weeks we got a few tantalizing pictures from Phil of the engine nestling back into the engine bay until in mid-May we got the call we’d been waiting for for nearly two years: “your Quattro is ready to pick up”! With the aid of a friend who was dropping his 911 off for some "Philtention" we ran out there to drive back a running Quattro for the first time in almost two years. It didn’t disappoint.

So what do you do with a running Audi Quattro in the summer? Take it to as many cars and coffee events as you can and forget to take pictures of it off course. Here’s a few. Must try harder LOL

More to come………….