Out of Hibernation

Posted on Aug 17, 2023
When we left you back in January, we’d put the car away for the winter in pretty good shape with it running quite well. Before we got it out again, we thought we’d fix the horrible grinding noise coming from the passenger window regulator so we pulled the door card off and wrestled it out of the door.

Once we got into the mechanism, we found that the cable had stretched and jumped the spiral tracks on the pulley. We realized we had to replace the cable.

In order to get the cable out we had to disassemble the glass holder from the slider track. This meant drilling out the rivet from the bottom pulley wheel. Disconnecting the cable from the drive pulley and glass holder, making a new cable then reassembling it all. It was a lot of work but we managed it, with some help.

Assembly was the reverse of disassembly, after a lot of cleaning.

After popping it back in we decided the car deserved a new vapor barrier.

We celebrated by showing off our power window at some local car events.