Putting the Quattro Back Together Part 1

Posted on Jul 10, 2016

Started to put the car car back together yesterday. Unfortunately it's been two years since we last saw where everything went so it's a bit of a challenge. Fortunately we have an 83 in the corner to refer to. Unfortunately, because it's a Quattro you can't see anything LOL.

Still, we press on regardless.

Aligned the engine and torqued all the subframe, engine and transmission bolts. Well, the ones you can get a torque wrench on.

connected the hydraulic pipe to the bomb. This connection does not seem to rotate so we took the bomb off and rotated that instead. This is now the third time we have installed the bomb.

Reconnected the exhaust.

Reconnected the rear drive shaft.

Reconnected the shift linkage. Goes into all the gears but might need adjusting though.

Installed the right engine mount heat shield, again. It wanted to go in front of the oil cooler mounting tab so we mounted that too. I bet we take it off again later.

Installed the right transmission mount heat shield. Yes, we are missing a screw. It's like no other screw on the planet and seems to be NLA. Thanks Audi.

Reconnected the clutch line.

Not sure when we'll get chance to throw some more parts at it. Schedule is a bit full for the foreseeable future and the Tour de France is on TV six hours a day!