Shields up!

Posted on Jun 30, 2016

When we last conversed we were finding things to do while we waited for a heat shield to arrive from Germany. Well guess what; it arrived, along with a few other bits and bob. we must say, it looks a lot better than what we pulled out of the 83.

It was quickly installed but as soon as it was on we thought "Uh oh, we might have to take it off to get the engine in" DOH! well, we had no idea what it looked like until it was here so how could we know it might be in the way. Oh well, another month wasted.

So, not to waste any more time we quickly started to pop the engine back in. It was a little tricky to lift it into place as we had to guide it around a lot of stuff (but not that damn heat shield as we took it off) but eventually it lined up with the engine and subframe mounts and we bolted into place, hand tight for now.

This is the first time it's had an engine in it since February 2015! We have so much more room in the shop now.

What next then? We guess connect as little stuff as necessary to fire it up while refurbishing whatever is necessary. Stay tuned.