Livery & Track Days

Posted on Jul 03, 2024

We recently embarked on a project to wrap the car in our iconic(?) Rothmans-esque livery as it just wasn't working for us in gold with some big numbers. We think it turned out ok.

We love how it turned out and think it may look even better than our 911 rally car in this livery. What do you think?


Even before the vinyl wrapped an dried we dragged the car the 2 miles to A Porsche Club track day at M1 Concourse. It took longer to put the car in the trailer than it did to drive there. We're not sure if that makes us smart or dumb!

This the first time we've driven the car in the environment it was built for and it was amazing. In the autocross it was clanging and banging and jerky but after 20 seconds on track it drove like silk. Very forgiving and we don't think we got even close to the limits.
It dd have one minor issue that wasn't apparent during last year's autocross however: it now seems to what feels like fuel starvation when coming out of fast left hand bends. It was very consistently doing this even after brimming the tank.

The next week we took it to an autocross where it continued to exhibit the fuel starvation symptoms out of left hand turns. I guess we'll have to dive into the fuel system soon.

Any, some pics because it's still photogenic:

Guess we need some better numbers!