TIM TIMES: Sparco, Prescott Rally, URQ update and HEAT!!!

Posted on Oct 02, 2015

It's been quite busy round here after the summer lull. Seems like it's wheels season again, and seat season too.

As usual we have been busy sourcing parts to add to our site. As is our philosophy we try to only offer parts we have used and proven on one of our projects and to that end we are pleased to announce we now sell Sparco products. As you may know Sparco have been making the highest quality performance parts in Italy since 1877 and are a brand whose quality you can trust. Right now we have their mud flaps, hood pins and hood springs as we have proven these on our 911 and Focus race cars. Look for more parts to be added soon.


 We have many friends, and customers competing or volunteering in the Prescott Rally in Arizona this weekend. We'd like to wish them all a successful and safe event especially Ray Piloto and Evan Davis who are competing in their first even in ttheir Chevy Aveo shod with BRAID wheels.


Another happy 17" BRAID customer: These are 17x9 et30 fronts with 225/40-17 Nitto N05 fronts and 17x11 et0 rears with the same tire in 315/37-17. He reports 1 degree of negative camber front and rear and a little bit of toe in for the fronts. The car is at euro spec height and now car tracks straight, with no tramlining or rubbing and truly a pleasure to drive compared to the 18 inch rims he had on prior. It's also worth noting that these are polish silver not are usual anodized.


Despite the surge in business we still managed to work on one of our project cars this week. Well not really work "on" so much as "around". After ordering several parts we already had in our parts bins we thought it might be prudent to take inventory of said bins. My, what a lot of parts we have.



 On our travels around cyberspace this week we ran across this video DRIVE uploaded about managing heat in race cars and thought it worth sharing here: