TIM Times: BOO!

Posted on Oct 30, 2015

TIM Products

It's DAKAR Rally season!. We know, the actual event is not till January but teams are acquiring parts and prepping their vehicles for the toughest motorsport event on the planet. This past week we have sold some 30 BRAID Fullrace T wheels for vehicles competing next year. See below for a discount offer to celebrate the season.

TIM Deals

To celebrate the upcoming DAKAR rally and help teams prepare we are offering 10% off BRAID's Fullrace T DAKAR wheel till the end of November. Just use discount code IFC4QC92Y750 during checkout. The Fullrace T was developed in Europe to be the ultimate Rally-Raid truck wheel. Available in 16" diameter in multiple widths and optional beadlock. Made to order and shipped direct in about three weeks so there's time to order that special wheel your truck needs.



TIM Projects

In keeping with our DAKAR theme we'd like to introduce our DAKAR inspired Jeep Cherokee, long since departed us unfortunately but still worth a look. Check it out here: http://teamilluminata.com/pages/1999-jeep-cherokee-sport

TIM Entertainment

Surprisingly not DAKAR related but we thought you'd appreciate this read from TopGear: Gallery: these are the coolest racing cars of all time We don't like to pick favorites but if pushed we might lean towards the Audi Quattro S1. Surprised?

TIM Information

Here's are worrying report from Australia about cheap Chinese made wheels: Be careful out there. Only use proper wheels from proven brands.


TIM News

We took our rallycross 911 over to Oakland university to visit their Formula SAE team last week. OU run BRAID's Sturace wheels we supplied them, one of the only Formula SAE specific wheels on the market.


TIM Storage

There's still time to book your winter storage space in our heated and alarmed showroom. Just $110 per month and your car will be in great company. We don't cram them in like other facilities; we put them on display!




Thanks for reading. Have a scary weekend.